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'll get all those countries, we have to go look at china. we have to reach out to india. i went down to mexico on an economic development mission and was the first governor to go there in four years from any state. we're missing a tremendous opportunity. >> thank you. governor brown, i'm sure you know that on any given day, people from other states are knocking on doors of co's in the valley and trying to get them to expand in other states or move to other states. someone in this room may have engaged in that. >> they cannot all expand in california. we are try to help california. quex their offering tax breaks. >> we are not offering a break. >> not only you. what do you say to the ceo's? what are you trying to do it? what are two or three things you are doing to keep companies here? >> we take specifics. i met yesterday with the representative of nissan and they're very interested and supportive of the installation of high-speed chargers throughout california. we have a plan, criticized by some but nevertheless, well funded by a legal settlement of $100 million. to get these chargi
india and from the south, and i am a civic attorney and i believe in the american dream and as it is exercised here in the beautiful city of san francisco and the state of california where i chose to live, but many california voters are voting with their feet and they are voting with their feet to leave the state of california. they are moving to nevada, texas and other parts of the country where they are less taxed and regulated and less burdened by rules such as calorie count on the menus such as the regulations regarding home care workers, it does not make sense to start a new business here in california. and frankly that is where the taxes come from in most states they come from businesses. as the businesses flee you are going to see the tax base flee and as legislatures such as senator leno continue to pass more legislation that impedes the freedom of business and citizens to exercise their rights you are going to see them vote with their feet and leave california. >> that attorneys me as someone who wants to retire and die in california i don't want to leave the s
of india. that part of it i love as well. so it's about family. it's about friends. it's a festival of lights and i thank you for being here today. >> thank you for having me. >> this is going to be our breakfast for channel 9 this morning. >> let's t. >> dr. jay varma, thank you so much. happy diwali, everybody. >> spinach, that's my thing. i love the spinach and butter chicken. howard, you get to it so we can go get some. >>> the bus stop forecast, bundle up. you might want something hot physically and also maybe a little spicy. temperatures this morning are down in the 40s. windchills in the 30s. we've got plenty of showers still out there for the next few hours but the showers will pull away here a little later this morning. sunshine returns also, especially this afternoon. we'll make a return toward the low 50s. breaking down the day planner, 9:00 a.m. still some showers around. 45. but they're going to are more sporadic than they are now. 49 at noon. we'll see sun west, clouds east. we'll sort of be in the middle here in d.c. by 3:00 i think mostly sunny and 50 degrees with a
for commander of u.s. european command and top nato general remains on hold. india has executed the last surviving attacker from the 2008 terror attack that killed 166 people. mohammed ajmal kasab was hanged in secret early today at a jail in pune. public celebrations broke out across the country as news spread of his execution. kasab was part of a pakistani- based squad of militants who carried out the three-day-long siege on india's financial capital. they targeted key sites like luxury hotels and a jewish center. newly released documents show a government agency took 684 days to warn of earlier problems at a pharmacy linked to the meningitis outbreak. the food and drug administration issued a warning letter over the massachusetts lab in 2007 but it took nearly 18 months longer than an average response. the f.d.a. acknowledged there had been a delay but said it was because of the agency's limited, unclear authority. 34 people in the u.s. have died after receiving tainted pain- killing injections from the massachusetts based lab. congressman jesse jackson junior-- a democrat from illino
. the 76 karat diamond is one of the rarest in the world. comes from india. we'll be right back.  >>> welcome back. super storm sandy proved to be an scrooge. chrstmas trees were destroyed when they were buried by 2 feet of snow. specializes in extra tall trees which can sell for up to $6,000 a piece. that company giving refunds to places like the cia headquarters. and old town alexandria. all of them ordered trees. they will now have to shop for trees from somewhere else. >>> last week, wal-mart announced it was getting a jump on black friday shopping by opening a day earlier on thanksgiving day. actually opening earlier on thanksgiving day. now, they are opening a few hours earlier. >>> now, target is joining in. >> i'm very impressed. customers and workers angry over it. sara is in studio with reaction to the turkey day opening and other holiday notes. the worker is kind of forgotten. >> i want to stay at home and enjoy thanksgiving. so they are upset. maybe some customers as well. some are liking it and so are the retailers. target following t
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's originally from india. she moved here in 2001-today is her birthday and first time she voted as citizen of the united states. >> i think it would be a big deal but when i was sitting there i started tearing up. >>reporter: her day didn't start here. it started here. tl 1255 men and women from 104 country became naturalized citizen of the united states this morning. the theatre in oakland packed with energy excitement and new citizens. him with one goal in mind. >> i want to vote. >>reporter: because she lives in alameda county she had 787 polling places to do just that. that's right. as new citizen she can exercise her right to vet today. >> for any of those people that live in alameda county they become citizen today's they can come down to our office, register to vote and cast a ballot. >>reporter: that's where i met this couple filling out region strition cards and preparing to vote. >> i feel in lucky that i actually would get to vote on first day i have become an american citizens. >> last year we spent our time talking about politic and what we want to change here and i thin
were in shelters in southern india today, after a tropical storm slammed ashore. at least six people were killed there, and in neighboring sri lanka. the storm brought heavy winds and rain, flooding streets and subway tunnels in the indian city of hyderabad. it also grounded an oil tanker with 37 crew on board. most were rescued, but five remained missing. in syria, rebels killed 28 government soldiers in a series of attacks in the northern part of the country. anti-regime activists said gun battles erupted at three military checkpoints surrounding the city of saraqeb in idlib province. the checkpoints line major supply routes to aleppo, the country's largest city and a major battleground. the ousted president of penn state university graham spanier will face cover-up charges in a child sex abuse scandal. prosecutors today filed counts of perjury, obstruction and failing to report suspected abuse. in addition, they added counts against athletic director timothy curley, and gary schultz, a former penn state vice president. the scandal revolved around jerry sandusky, the former assista
made the most demands that from january to june. india and brazil rounded out the top three countries requesting the most from google. google said the top three reasons given by governments for access to content for defamation privacy and security. we called of to the video- game game stops us call of duty blackouts to is shaping up to break all sales records. the game shattered pre order record set last year by call of duty modern war for a fair three. the game retails for about $60. i say legates of fortune. games out shares are up $23.26 yesterday in new york. >> i will wait six months in by it used. the dow in just terrestrial sliding and is now standing at 12,693. the big surprise was facebook shares soaring. seven to 800 million more shares hitting the market today as the lockup has ended from early investors. coming up we are talking politics with michael e. hockey. a live look outside on this nice looking wednesday with temperatures warming up around the bay and traffic moving slow smoothly on the golden gate bridge. now we have fallout from the david patras' a fair and nancy
these little candies from india so will put them in our stores. wal-mart is a genius company and they are wildly probable. >> warm buffett was by and selling and this may be something for us to watch. he bought more deer and-- viacom and nickelodeon, mtv- as if i was the go back i would probably be a stock got. i would copy warren buffett. he is the best investment person of all time. you want to be like worn and investing. his cash flow is good. he is doing very well. >> yesterit is 9:19 a.m.. >> will will start of by looking at the ride outside. we're waking up to a mixture of sunshine and cloud cover. we're expecting some cooler air to be ushered in. as for tomorrow there will be on and off showers. there will be moderate downpours. we will continue to see the showers in to the weekend. if you are heading out the door right now the temperatures are warming up a bit. it is still clinging to the '40's and places like concord and livermore. it looks like that afternoon high will transition to the upper 60s today about 67 for loss gatos. 66 degrees for campbell and we can see
.s. gdp grow at 2% this year. the world's gdp, the brick countries, brazil, russia, india and china are growing 3 and 4 times. >> let me ask you this, a lot of people look at the money that they have left over trying to save. i think the biggest seems overwhelming cause you are told to have a savings account and contribute to the 401 k. how do you know how much to put where i guess? >> you know, there are rules of thumb to live by. my oldest daughter just graduated from college and she was do i participate in a retirement plan? and i told her save 10%. give 10% away and live 80% of your live with the remaining funds. if you follow that for a life time, you'll be financially healthy whether you are a missionary, a teacher. but you need to have that mental discipline. whether you like to spend your money sailing or traveling. >> okay. thank you so much. clark kendall for coming in. we appreciate it. >> i enjoy being here. thanks. >> 8:22. 53 degrees. coming up next, getting in the holiday spirit with what's new this thanksgiving and christmas. and later, the incredible egg. check in
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carolina was the only that -- battleground state. >> india was not even contested this time. north carolina was the only one. >> florida is still out. this year turned out to be irrelevant as opposed to other years. what did the republicans miss when they were looking at this electric? >> bemis anybody, practically anybody who was brown or black. bemis practically anybody who believes that immigration is an issue that needs to be tackled. you had a case here where the republican party right now is stampeding toward irrelevance. if they do not catch up with everything in the national journal, there is changing demographics. you cannot have a ruling coalition that is virtually all white. you had president obama yesterday put together this new ascendant coalition, put it back together from 2008 and enough of the democratic coalition so you have this combination of hispanics, more than 70% of hispanics, young voters, people who both want to twice as a democrat. they're likely to remain a dealt crack -- democrat. republicans, what they're missing is the idea of trying to expand their percentage
in places like china and india. the sooner we can have substitute fuels -- in the immediate future that is natural gas. we have to be careful how it is extracted, and it can be extracted safely. it can be an enormous advantage to us. i was on a bus in portland that was powered by compressed natural gas. we can use it to power electric vehicles. there should be a parallel track developing renewables to be there when the gas it runs out or demand increases to the point where the price goes up. to power your vehicle on natural gas is the equivalent of $2 a gallon. it will be the same with home heating. getting off of oil should be the number one priority. >> senator dill? >> thank you. gas prices are a challenge to anyone in maine trying to take their kids to school or get groceries or go to work. i support the fuel efficiency standards that will lead to automobiles to rely on less fuel and will cost families less money. i am the only candidate in the race who opposes the keystone pipeline. i do not believe transporting tar sands is the way to get off of oil. i am opposed to fracking.
the site. groups that did not have much online activity -- india is a great example. immense numbers of victories in india, particularly around corruption campaigns. individual officers requesting bribes are being exposed and given censure. the magnitude of needed improvement of justice is much greater internationally than in the united states. >> do you capture information from people? >> at most, the post code or zip code. then, we are able to target people. >> do you find somebody else who wants to do an environmental petition? >> just like with amazon, if someone is interested, we personalize recommendations for campaigns. >> do the campaigns buy that from you? >> no. people can pay to sponsor campaigns. if you are featured on the site, it is a sponsored petition. >> we see you you signed petitions on recycling. here is one that might be interesting. >> absolutely. >> have you discovered a class of people that are habitual? who has signed the most petitions? >> thousands. some people go crazy. the increase in likelihood of signing a petition is after experiencing a victory. histo
and germany and india and if we're going to have an american century we cannot come in second place to those countries in technology of the future. and i think that played an important role. there was a sense that the obama vision was one that they thought better suited this moment in our country's history. and there is no question on social issues whether it's women's healthcare or immigration. there was asset of issues that for younger voters was important to think about the kind of country and kind of president they wanted representing them. so on all those questions people wrestled carefully. i think that's why ultimately enough people in enough battleground states chose the president to continue this journey we're on. quickly in terms of demoggrafi. we don't know this for sure but we could be seeing different elections in on years and off years. the election in 2014 is going to be different than presidential lecktorts. and the comments i made were predicated on what we thought would happen in a presidential election. you had latinos turning out. the president won the cuban vote. the fir
only from bougainvillea. they reminded her of her trip to india. they will update your outfit. >> they're heavy. they're beautiful. and isn't the cake good? i wanted that piece. thanks a lot. >> you can have a little bit. >> and you get a lot of bang for your buck with this bracelet. >> sam, just saying. all of these great gift ideas. >> for lara. >> for all of the people in your life. and the last oprah favorite thing under $100 is -- >> ooh. we're always entertaining during the holidays. this is the perfect hostess gift. and all of the truffles. you can put almonds, sauces. >> adam, thank you for sharing these. if you want to take part in oprah's favorite things, go to our website for the special discount codes, on yahoo! starts the holiday shopping. >>> sam, put down the cake, now, and do weather. >> we were so busy with pre-election coverage this morning i didn't get time for breakfast. thanks, oprah. now, my tongue is probably blue. let's get to the boards. here's the things going on this morning. i'm not going to show you the blue tongue. no, josh. we're no
. host: that was india in illinois. this is rolando in the brothels, texas. good morning. calling at an independent. i registered as a democrat, but i am an independent. the american people did the right thing. the american people rejected the idea that our government could only focus on the large and gritty corporations. -- agreed corporations. those corporations ship those jobs out of the united states and they just want a tax cut helping them. i think americans rejected the notion and also the idea that we can have responsible capitalism. capitalism is great, but we also need the social safety net that is provided for us just just ine capitalism runs rampant and leaves us at the wayside. i think the american people did the right thing. whites, blacks, latinos, the agents -- asians, they are educated and they are down. and for everybody that things latinos are just about immigration, nokomis we are working class. -- no, we are working class. we are teachers, businessmen, entrepreneurs. we care about this nation more than anyone -- more than anything else as well. we want the nat
to be prepared for the long haul. i see a world bursting with opportunities. india, china, brazil, ishares, small-caps, large-caps, ishares. industrials. low cost. every dollar counts. ishares. income. dividends. bonds. i like bonds. ishares. commodities. diversification. choices. my own ideas. ishares. i want to use the same stuff the big guys use. ishares. 9 out of 10 large, professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. introducing the ishares core, etfs for the heart of your portfolio. tax efficient and low cost building blocks to help you keep more of what you earn. call your advisor. visit ishares. yeah, ishares. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. >>> welcome back, everybody. you're watching "starting point
automobile payment? how would you feed your family? india, and maybe a year they will get 80% of their money back. but what happens during that year? so, i would ctu, please don't get the impression that these people will be made whole. i want to commend my subcommittee chairman, randy neugebauer who is behind me here. i have issued a prepared statement, which i released just a few minutes ago on m. s. -- mf capital. two of them are behind the other than my subcommittee chair. these are superstars in the freshman class. quico canseco from south texas and nan haworth from i guess we will call it the hudson river valley. both of them as freshmen actually pass significant reform legislation. many of you know tranter was valedictorian of her class at princeton. quico's grandparents fled mexico during a revolution, came to america for freedom. he is the american dream. he operated a bank in texas. he has a banking background. they were really loved by republicans and democrats together. nan was actually criticized for being a member of the tea party. believe you me, she may be many things, to lea
% growth. lots of indications from china they're slowing, lots of indications from india and there's only so far liquidity can go to keep asset prices pumped and we're really at a turning point where we'll see oil prices continue the downward move. >> the guys in the oil pits are watching the fiscal cliff negotiations, too? >> absolutely, 100%. where the money moves is what's important for the oil market. it's always been the number one consideration, what are asset prices going to be judged, where is capital gains taxes going to come in if they get some deal, that will affect the oil markets to a large degree. >> do you want a deal or not? >> in terms of what? >> in terms of getting a fiscal cliff deal? >> i personally don't want one, but that's neither here nor there. to wish for asset prices to go down is not the most constructive thing. >> you're not getting a penny. >> no. >> you are not getting a rise above pin because you're short oil. you knew you were coming on. >> i'll quote sarah palin, how is that rising above thing going for you so far? have you seen a lot of rising above goi
by risks associated just with rising sea levels. one is diago garcia, a small island south of india, home to a although gist particular hub -- logistic hub. even absent a storm or tsunami, this installation is threatened by intkaeugs for slow -- inundation of slow staepbd did i sea level rise. the norfolk naval base is home to the u.s. atlantic fleet. a "new york times" analysis this past weekend using u.s. geological survey and noaa data showed a five-foot sea level rise would permanently flood portions of that base. the base is at continuing risk from storm surges. by the way, a five-foot sea level rise is now predicted to be a possibility in this century. eglin air force on florida's gulf coast is threatened by storm surge, sea level rise and salt water infiltration. we know -- we know that climate change loads the dice for more and more severe extreme weather. retired brigadier general steven anderson and retired lieutenant general daniel christman used katrina as an example of how extreme weather can cause negative operational impacts to our military. in response to katrina the natio
change our vote. [inaudible] -- last week, india, brazil, south africa came out in support of the resolution. >> we've been very clear with our partners and allies around the world that we in tend to vote now, that we think this is a mistake and make our effort to try to get the party back to the table more difficult. obviously every country will make their own decision. >> to deputy prints get any understanding -- >> this is sovereign decision to make based on the policy we are very clear about where we stand our also been very clear about her concerns about the peace process. many countries around the world outside of the region come to us if they do something and were saying this could make it more difficult. >> and deputy secretary burns -- with your understand of what the palestinians who do following this last issue what you said one more time? >> well, i'm going to let the palestinians speak for themselves in terms of -- >> okay, let me tell you what the palestinians after the meeting and that if they are going ahead with this. sonata secretary of state visit abbas h
watched around the globe tonight. as we said earlier, countries from mexico to britain, to india, to brazil, china is watching every move. how many people have they designated to watch everything happening in this country tonight. and we got a wonderful tweet on why tonight matters because somebody says, "my grandparents made sure i would always be free because the whole world is watching." >> and we are getting more signs that every vote matters, diane. in the state of florida, where else, you look at 78% of the vote in right now. i want to show the map right there. and look at the margin between president obama and governor romney right there. let's put that back up right there. it's just about a little over 1,000 votes. 2,000 votes separate them right now, 50/50 down the middle. with 70% of the vote in. i want to go to abc's cecilia vega covering that for us. cecilia, you're in the heart of it, tampa, that is the microcosm of that state right there. >> yeah, literally, george, millions of votes up for grabs. the university of florida. a polling place, watching students vote al
but is celebrating in style. she was in abu dhabi, went to india to be with naomi campbell and her boyfriend who had a big party. she has had a rough year, was in rehab, a break up with ashton kutcher and maybe she is trying to turn it around. >> sad news about brooke charvet and thyroid cancer. >> she said she wanted to tell everybody because people will see the scar but it is ironic she said because this is the healthiest she ever felt in her life so she can't believe she has cancer. >> all right. good to see you. >> thanks. finally what is in. our beauty and style expert is here with everything trendy. let's start off with these. love these. >> leather leggings. >> or pleather. >> i love these. then we've got pleather, $35 and under. >> okay. >> the best thing about these, they add edge like a cozy winter sweater over there or a big trend last fall were the secretary glasses and very feminine, polished, lady like looks. pair that with this and it's edgy and feels very new for the season. >> boots or heels, looks great. let's move over. >> this is the season to start playing hostess. you found a s
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)